Mohegan Announces its Inaugural ESG Annual Report

Company Initiatives Reinforce the Tribe’s Commitment to the Environment, Inclusivity, and Transparency

The Mohegan Tribe, a sovereign, federally recognized Indian nation situated with a reservation in Southeastern Connecticut, and Mohegan, the world-renowned entertainment and gaming business, announced their inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Annual Report.

Mohegan’s ESG framework encompasses environmental sustainability initiatives, with a specific focus on: energy conservation and management of resources; social efforts that invest in and support team members; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives; responsible gaming and local communities; as well as governance and business ethics that guide company leaders, team members, and its operations.

The Mohegan ESG Steering Committee consists of representatives across the enterprise and is responsible for the formal framework for the organization’s ESG initiatives. The ESG Steering Committee reports directly to Mohegan President and Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Pineault, and the Mohegan Management Board, which is comprised of key members of the sovereign Native American tribe.

“Throughout the history of The Mohegan Tribe, we have been grounded and united in our care for Mother Earth and for one another, and it is those same values that we now bring to this formalized ESG strategy,” said James Gessner Jr., Chairman of The Mohegan Tribe. “This framework underscores our belief in a cooperative approach that lifts all people up, allowing for the prosperity of The Mohegan Tribe as well as our neighboring communities, families, and individuals.”

“In every community, state, and country in which we operate, we are stewards of the environment, a community advocate, a trusted business partner, and an employer of choice.” said Carol Anderson, Chief Financial Officer of Mohegan and ESG Committee Chairperson. “While every Mohegan destination is unique, they each reflect our shared vision of transforming entertainment into a more immersive, exhilarating experience while living by The Mohegan Tribe’s dedication to core values. We are proud of the way we approach our business, and prouder still that we continue to build on how we think about and support environmental, social, and governance principles.”

Information about Mohegan’s commitment to ESG, including highlights of current initiatives, can be found by visiting

About Mohegan

Mohegan is the owner, developer, and manager of premier entertainment resorts in the United States, Canada, and Northern Asia. Mohegan’s U.S. operations include resorts in Connecticut, Washington, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Nevada; Canadian operations are based in Niagara Falls; and Mohegan Inspire is located in Incheon, South Korea. The brand’s iGaming division, Mohegan Digital, provides cutting-edge online gaming solutions to Mohegan’s loyal fan base and meets the digital needs of customers on a global scale. Mohegan is owner and operator of Connecticut Sun, a professional basketball team in the WNBA. For more information on Mohegan and its properties, please visit

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The Mohegan Tribe is a sovereign, federally recognized Indian tribe situated with a reservation in Southeastern Connecticut. To learn more about the educational programming sponsored by the Mohegan Tribe visit